Sustainability Consulting

How do we make sure that big ideas actually result in big changes? 

So, what's the big idea? 

At MRVN, we believe that smart planning is the key to achieving sustainable design goals. We also believe that sustainable design doesn’t end just when a project is complete, but is instead an ongoing process of planning, assessing, and re-planning. Achievable goals and metrics need to be set, progress needs to be measured and then reported in order to inform the next cycle of improvement. 

Through our sustainable design consulting services, we help clients understand what goals are a priority for them in their projects as well as in their ongoing operations. We then work with them to determine the key performance indicators that can be used to assess the success of the sustainability measures they are undertaking. This sets real metrics that can be used to report performance to project stakeholders or the wider public, demonstrating a project or an organization’s commitment to environmentally responsible practices. 

Set, measure, report, repeat. The metrics are complex; the idea is simple. 

Who do we work with? 

Corporate Clients

MRVN works with corporate entities that are seeking to improve the sustainability of their operations or to layer sustainable design principles into their new construction projects. 

Educational Clients

We provide sustainable design solutions to both primary and higher education clients. Schools are important institutions for sustainable design to be promoted.

Let's teach the next generation right!

Developers and Real Estate Management Clients

As a firm of architects, we love getting down into the details of sustainability planning with clients that planning to construct or renovate their buildings, but that doesn't mean that we aren't passionate about working with real estate managers to aid them in developing sustainable design solutions for their existing properties. 

Our Services

MRVN offers a diverse set of services aimed at promoting the development of sustainable projects and practices for our clients.

Visioning, Objective Setting, and Key Performance Indicators

MRVN works with our clients at early design phases to set project goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). We determine real metrics to measure success against so that our clients can truly verify that their projects are on the right path. 


MRVN provides sustainability benchmarking services that allow our clients to understand prevalent trends in the sustainable design industry and set realistic goals for project performance. 

Stakeholder Identification and Engagement

A big part of producing an integrated design project is making sure the right parties are at the table for the right discussions. MRVN identifies the right players and works to get buy in from everyone - from owners to architects; from operators to occupants. Sustainability is about making sure everyone believes in a project's goals. We make sure the right people are part of setting those goals.  

Gap Analysis

Let's face it, sometimes the reality of building or business operations doesn't quite meet the goals that an organization sets for itself. MRVN can investigate actual sustainability performance and compare it to a client's desired outcome. We assess where the shortfalls are and build plans for how to get you back on track.

Sustainbility Engagement Training

Having a sustainability plan in place is a great thing, but sometimes organizations need help training their staff on how to implement that plan in order to really make it a success. MRVN works with our clients to provide that training. Our strategy is to teach trainees not just how to be sustainable, but why it's important to be sustainable and how they are key players in achieving project goals.

Recognition Programs

In order for an organization to operate sustainably they need to understand and recognize where opportunities lie for improvement and who the key players are in achieving their goals. We work with clients to study performance indicators and recognize where goals are being met and where there are opportunities for further improvement. 

Occupant Surveying / Interviews

To constantly be improving performance in the built environment it is critical to understand how occupants and operators interface with that environment. MRVN is experienced in conducting building occupant surveys to understand how people enjoy interacting with their environment. 

Corporate and Institutional Reporting

The world today has come to expect organizations to consider the environmental impact of their operations, and to be transparent about the way that they have addressed the risks and opportunities they have faced. MRVN works with clients to understand how they have responded to sustainable design challenges. We survey occupants, tabulate data, and organize that information in a way that can be shared with stakeholders and the public. Transparency: it's the right thing to do.