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Green building certifications are a big part of the sustainable buildings today. MRVN provides green building certification administration for LEED, Passive House, and many other certification standards. 

Yarg... Green Administration...

The architecture and engineering industry is rife with green standards that a building can be certified under. The administration process of some of these can get pretty complicated, with others becoming downright frustrating, but at MRVN we've found that navigating these waters isn't as challenging as you'd think. The reason: because we believe in practicing an integrated design approach, where information is shared across a design team in detail at the earliest design stages, often times we have all the information we need to complete our certifications as a by product of our process.

Inherent sustainability, hold the headaches.



MRVN has extensive experience with the LEED Green Building Rating System and provides administrative services to track a project's performance from the concept design phase until final certification is awarded after construction is complete. 

Passive House

The Passive House standard is one of the most exciting new standards to enter in the US market in several years. To achieve a Passive House certification a project must employ a mix of super-insulation, super-tight envelope, and an ultra-low energy mechanical system. It also must have detailed calculations to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the standard. MRVN has experience in the design and construction of these challenging, low-energy projects.


The WELL Building Standard is based upon the belief that occupant health and wellness should be the topmost design driver in buildings today. At MRVN, we're big believers in this principle, and we strive to promote happy, healthy environments in every project we work on. Getting WELL certified? That's a bonus. 

Living Building Challenge

The Living Building Challenge is the world's most rigorous standard for building efficiency. This standard calls for strict adherence to a set of rules for energy consumption, water efficiency, materials selection, and occupant health and happiness. The result: world class buildings that touch the earth as lightly as possible. MRVN is proud to say that we have experience with the Living Building Challenge and we hope to work with you on one of these progressive projects.