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MRVN is an integrated architecture and sustainable design consultancy. We promote the design and development of environmentally responsible architecture. We partner with other designers to provide services that aid in the development of detailed, thoughtful buildings, with a particular focus on work involving computational design solutions. 

Architectural Services

MRVN provides many services designed to support the development of sustainable architecture. Whether you are a single family homeowner looking to do a small project or another architect that is looking to partner with us, we're here to work with you. 

Architectural Design and Documentation

Concept Design through Construction Administration

MRVN provides full service design and architect of record services throughout the US and Canada. We believe that good architecture can built anywhere and we work with our clients to make that happen. 

Programming and Concept Development

The Right Design for the Right Client

MRVN works with our clients to develop detailed programming documents and owner's project requirements to ensure that projects are developed right. 

Zoning, Building, and Energy Code Consulting

Setting the Stage for a Successful Project

MRVN has experience in interpreting the prevailing zoning, building, and energy codes in multiple jurisdictions. We make sure that projects are developed in accordance with the law of the land so that there are no surprises in later design stages. 


MRVN provides architectural services within the following sectors, but we're always up for a new challenge - pushing the envelope is how we keep evolving.  

Single Family Homes

We build houses for you to make a home in. 

Winston Churchill once said, "We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us." Nowhere is this truer than in the single family home. MRVN takes pride in shaping the environment that families live and grow in, and we strive to design happy, healthy homes for our clients.

Multifamily Residential 

We build communities.

Populations are growing and density is increasing. As more people return to urban areas, the need for quality multifamily residential construction is becoming greater and greater. MRVN provides design and documentation services for sustainably oriented multifamily projects. We believe that all people deserve to have a great place to live and grow. 

Commercial Office

We build spaces you want to work in.

We spend a lot of time in our offices. Shouldn't those spaces be the best environments they can be? MRVN provides commercial office design services for both core and shell base building design and tenant interior fit-outs. We are dedicated to the ideal that great spaces lead to happy and productive occupants. That's a good thing for everyone. 


We shape the settings for shaping minds. 

School design has changed a lot in recent years. Sustainability has become a major priority for learning institutions, while at the same time, the cost of building and operating schools and universities has increased. MRVN believes that we can address both of these challenges by approaching educational design through a lens of sustainability. We design primary and higher educational projects that support and encourage learning by providing students with a comfortable environment full of natural light, fresh air, and connection to the exterior - design concepts that have been proven to improve student test scores. We've embedded advanced digital design tools into our process to ensure that we achieve our sustainability goals without negatively impacting project budget. The result: great spaces for learning that can be operated on a reasonable budget.


We set the sales experience. 

MRVN believes that the retail experience must be an enjoyable one. Unique retail environments make people take notice and attract visitors. We provide innovative architectural services for retail fit-outs and core and shell retail building design. We also have experience developing retail prototypes for our clients to use in multi-location roll-outs and will work with them to refine and refresh those locations while they grow.