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Crunch the numbers. Understand energy, cost, investment, and payback. Make decisions based upon real information, not estimates. Design... with data. 

What are we analyzing? 


Buildings are complex, fascinating machines for living, working, playing, and learning in. In the modern world, we’re facing the ever-present challenge of increasing energy costs, sensitivity to carbon footprints, water scarcity, and, on top of all of that, higher construction costs with tighter construction budgets. At MRVN we use cutting edge analytical tools to calculate building performance at the earliest design stage possible. This allows us to provide our clients with hard numbers to inform design decisions far earlier than is traditionally possible. We are able to advise our clients on where project budget should be allocated in order to net the highest performance possible without spending money on unnecessary design measures. The effect: our projects can proceed forward with far greater confidence in how they will ultimately perform and can do so on budget. 

Efficient, on-budget architecture, that outperforms the competition. Triple win. 


Energy Modeling

MRVN uses energy models to help inform architectural and engineering design decisions, as well as provides full ASHRAE / IECC energy modeling for LEED and energy code compliance. 

Utility Incentive Analysis

MRVN is experienced in the use of energy models and computational analysis to help our clients secure state and federal incentive funding for building performance improvements.

Thermal Comfort Analysis

At the simplest level, buildings are machines for keeping building occupants comfortable, so they can happily go about their day. The reality is that in a world of real designs and real budgets, achieving occupant comfort can be much more challenging. MRVN uses computational models to  predict and quantify occupant comfort to ensure a happy and healthy environment. 

Daylight Analysis

Today, more than ever, building occupants expect beautifully daylit spaces in their buildings. MRVN provides daylight analysis services both for design and green building certification purposes. 

Life Cycle Assessment

LCA is the process of understanding the environmental impact and embodied energy of a material or product used in a building from extraction, to manufacture, to installation, maintenance, and disposal. MRVN is skilled in providing life cycle assessment services for both design and LEED v4.0 compliance purposes. 

Water Modeling

Water consumption on a project is no different than energy consumption and is likely to become a more critical design driver in the coming years as populations grow and water becomes more a precious commodity. MRVN provides water consumption analysis services to understand where water is consumed on a project site and make recommendations on how we can conserve this valuable resource. 

Measurement and Verification

In order to ensure that building resources are being consumed as designed, MRVN develops systems and methods for metering building energy and water consumption, and will work with building operators to train staff on the best methods for using metered data to improve building operation and lower operating costs.

Renewable Energy Assessment

MRVN is skilled in the analysis of renewable energy systems. Using computational models, we provide our clients with recommendations on the potential for renewable energy on their projects, and we will work with renewable energy vendors to ensure that system installations align with our clients demands and expectations.