What do we do? 

MRVN is an integrated architecture and sustainable design consultancy dedicated to building the leanest, greenest, healthiest buildings possible.

We believe in a world where sustainability is approached differently - rather than allowing it to be an add-on or an afterthought, we believe that sustainability drivers must be woven into the very fabric of architecture itself. We work with our clients, engineers, and other architects to make this dream a reality. 


MRVN offers multiple services surrounding one basic idea: making buildings and the process of building more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We design architecture and consult with other architects. We engineer, we analyze, and we report.

We improve the built world in every way we can. 


...but not the way you're used to. 

MRVN is a firm of designers run by
designers, but this doesn't mean we are your typical design firm. We work with other architects to pool our skillsets and build better projects. Collaboration, rather than competition. 


Framework and Strategic Planning

Building sustainably is only part of what we do. In order to build a better world, we need smart plans for how we will do it. MRVN will work with you to set goals and metrics for your building project and your ongoing operations.



MRVN provides advanced computational analysis services to model a building's energy and water consumption, daylight levels, and carbon footprint, just to name a few, We crunch the numbers to give you a better project.


LEED, Passive House, WELL, LBC

These days, green building certifications aren't just a trend anymore - they're expected. MRVN provides consulting and administration services for standards such as LEED, Passive House, WELL, and Living Building Challenge.